Hair Extensions

volume and length

Are you looking to add length or volume to your hair? Hair extensions are a great way to achieve that!
At Get it Glam I use a few different techniques.  

  • LA Weave
  • Naked Weave
  • Nano Tip
  • Ultrastrands Hair replacement system
  • Tape

I have 11 years experience in hair extensions and I’m always looking out for the best hair, techniques and what works best for my individual client hair needs.

The posts below will highlight some of the most common questions that you may have about the process and application.  Best thing you can do is book yourself in for a free consultation, you will thank yourself for it.  Why be unhappy with your hair when u can LOVE IT, do more with it and it even looks fabulous tied in a pony or messy bun.



Hair Extensions


The Hair extensions can last up to 12 months if the hair is well looked after. When they have been fitted I recommend you get them tightened around 6-8 weeks. Roughly between 10-12 weeks, I will remove the hair extensions and reapply the same hair.  This can depend on how many times you wash your hair, how quick your own hair grows, if you use the right products and follow the aftercare provided.

Its £22 per row applied.

Estimated cost for hair plus fitting is between  £152 – £400

I recommend you get LA Weave tightened between 6-8 weeks.  I only recommend getting them tightened once, then refitted using the same hair over and over again.

Tape – cant be tightened, they need to be removed and refitted every 4-6 weeks.

Ultrastrand Hair replacement system – needs to be removed and refitted every 4-6 weeks. (cant be tightened)

No they won’t damage your own hair as long as you follow the Aftercare advice given to you after your fitting.

I do a row of micro rings, always staying away from your hair line so there is enough hair to cover where the weft is applied making them easy to disguise and look as natural as possible.  I then sew the weft of Russian hair either single or double rows onto the gathered hair.  The great thing about this tchnique is that the hair falls natural from the root and doesnt look bitty, it doesnt put any pressure on any one area of the scalp. If you would like to see how the extensions are applied please check out my youtube video below.

Free Consultation

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The process begins with a FREE consultation. During this time we will chat about what look, style, colour you want to go with, including colour matching your hair to a colour ring i have in stock from two different suppliers.  We talk about the options of techniques that would suit with the type of hair you have to make it look as natural and comfy as possible for you.  We talk about what length to go for.  I will then require the money for the hair extensions, order them, book you in for a fitting – usually delivered within 48 hours straight to my door.    Read through my hair extension FAQ’s for more info!

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